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Alison Two (CLOSED)

October 26th, 2008 | Filed under American, Seafood.

Alison Two

Food style/ethnicity: Seafood


Hours: 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Price: 20 – 30 ($)

424 S Bethlehem Pike
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Telephone: 215-591-0200

Food rating: ★★★½☆
Decor rating:
Service rating:
Location rating:
Overall rating
: ★★★½☆
Take this review with a grain of salt. Alison Two is a brand new restaurant and they are probably still working out the kinks. But, the negatives I will note are less related to the newness of Alison Two and more related to overall service and the restaurant itself. Alison’s Two is Alison Barshak’s second restaurant. Her first restaurant is Alison’s At Blue Bell.

We arrived a bit early and sat at the bar. I enjoyed one of the Classic Cocktails called a Dark & Stormy. I read about it in a local paper because it uses some homemade ginger beer which sounds like fun. It was a pretty good drink, nothing earth shattering but enjoyable and something different. My mother had a Signature Cocktail called a French Pear. I tried it and did not enjoy this drink. It tasted very light, almost like I was drinking rose water or perfume. It just was not something I would ever order or enjoy.

For our meals, we started with the calimari and beet salad. I did not try the salad but the calimari was very good. A fairly small portion, but the it had a great fresh taste, well cooked and generally pretty yummy. For the main course, I had the whole fish special, which I never did find out what type of fish it actually was. It was a light fish in a nice light sauce and was overall pretty good. Nothing ground breaking, but it was good.

Kim had the roasted chicken and she reports it was just OK. I guess in general, it is pretty hard to do a lot of incredible things with chicken. My father had the hanger steak which was a bit strange. It seemed a weird fit for Alison Two, as if they needed to put some type of meat dish on the menu and this was the best they could think of. The meat was general a bit tough and, quite frankly, the best part of the plate was the french fries, which were pretty incredible.

Now, for my issues with Alison Two. I am an active reader of Alison’s Blog. It seemed to me that Alison stressed, discussed and worked incredible amounts on the lights, the paint, every little detail of the restaurant. Quite frankly, it was nice. It was not life changing. It didn’t blow my mind. In fact, our entire table of four had a major complaint. It was just too darn loud. We found ourselves yelling very often as the gentle roar of the restaurant became overbearing.

Also, for some reason, my sitting location pretty much in the dead middle of the room must have been a soft spot in the floor. When every waiter, host and customer walked by, my chair shook and dipped up and down. Not a fun dining experience.

The last negative was the service. This may improve as the restaurant stays open but I was not impressed with my early thoughts. The apps arrived quickly but the meals arrived at least 30-40 minutes after ordering. Also, the waiter brought over the wine, opened it and poured the first glasses, but never poured another glass for the table. OK, minor complaints, but issues nonetheless.

For my money, I think I’ll stick with the well established, BYOB and serving generally the same food at Alison At Blue Bell. I’ll give Alison’s Two some time to establish itself and return at a later date.

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4 Responses to “Alison Two (CLOSED)”

  1. Michelle Tanner | 10/11/08

    Brian: I’ve been to the restaurant twice – once with friends and once with my whole family to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We really enjoyed it. On our first visit, my husband had the scallop gnocchi truffle entree. It was so good that he would only give me a couple of tastes. On the second visit I had to order it! The staff was kind to my teenage children. My daughter is a vegetarian and they were very nice about making menu changes to accommodate her needs. They remembered my mentioning my mother’s birthday when I made the reservation and sent over a cupcake with happy birthday written in chocolate – it was a lovely surprise.

  2. Karen | 17/11/08

    One of the worst values in the area. $46 for the rib eye was not worth the money. $15 per glass for average wine i could find for $10 per bottle. I would not recommend this restaraunt for price based on what they offer.

  3. ellie | 28/11/08

    I’ve recently enjoyed dinner twice – once with friends; once as a party of two and lunch last week – I’m loving this lunch menu.
    Like a previous poster, I concur scallop gnocci is incredible. Tuna is consistently wonderful. Lunch menu innovative, particularly,tuna sliders. No surprise Amelia’s desserts continue to be amazing. Alison’s enthusiastic,attentive waitstaff is superior compared with other restaurants in the area. The ever-changing menu gives diners interesting choices – you can dine here without breaking the bank.

  4. Elle | 25/01/09

    Well, it just got what it deserved in the Inquier by Craig Laban…ONE BELL! OUCH! Overrated and Overpriced! Actually, it deserved NO BELLS but I guess the bar saved it. Good chips and a good beer list wont make me come to this place, EVER. Wawa has a whole variety of chips and the liquor store has an entire bottle of wine for $15 that I can enjoy at home, thank you!!!