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Pho Thai Nam – Blue Bell, PA

August 13th, 2007 | Filed under Asian, BYOB.

Pho Thai Nam

Food style/ethnicity: Thai, Pho, Asian


Hours: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Price: 4 – 15 ($)


1510 DeKalb Pike

Blue Bell, PA 19422


Food rating: 5 out of 5

Decor rating: 3 out of 5

Service rating: 4 out of 5

Kim and I continue to search and search for a good bowl of Pho. We received a coupon for Pho Thai Nam a few weeks ago and we decided to give it a try. Recently, we have been disappointed by Pho at both Vietnam and Wild Rice. Both of these establishment had OK Pho, but nothing as good as South Philly.

So, we decided to check pit Pho Thai Nam when we once again got the hankering for some Pho. Finally, I can say that we were able to find Pho that is as good if not better then the stuff down in South Philly. In addition, the tables, chairs and floors were actually clean! (If you have ever been to Pho Hua off Washington, you’ll know what I mean)

Overall, it was very good Pho. As good, if not better then the stuff in the city. Much better then our previous trips to suburban soup shops. In addition, we tried the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls which were excellent. Kim and I have since been back to Pho Thai Nam for a second visit and it was equally as good! We have finally found a local, suburban Pho soup that we can enjoy.

Everything else is pretty good at Pho Thai Nam. The decor is a bit drab. I’m not sure if there are not enough tables to fill the restaurant or what, but it needs something. Maybe a half wall, not sure, but it needs something. Lastly, the service is pretty good. The food came out quickly and it was piping hot, so no complaints there. If you live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and want a great bowl of Pho soup, check out Pho Thai Nam.


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2 Responses to “Pho Thai Nam – Blue Bell, PA”

  1. AA | 1/04/09

    We ate here few times. Food is acceptable to good, portions are generous and décor is quite nice. BUT….WE WILL NEVR GO THERE AGAIN because of their inconsiderate and careless attitude towards the customers. It really spoilt our dinning experience last night. We are vegetarians (no egg, no fish, no meat). In most Thai restaurants (and in past even this one!!) they make Pad Thai noodles and fried rice without eggs for us. But last night the waitress hastily refused our request for noodles / fried rice without eggs “No we can’t make it without eggs”. She didn’t even bother to check with the cook. She suggested we eat the curries with white rice (I can do that at home!!). Our 5 year old had to live with plain boiled rice because curries were too hot for him. It could also have sounded rude due to her limited English skills but even if she pretended to check with the cook, we would have felt better. Apparently she didn’t care. We should have walked out of the restaurant without eating. She forgot to give straws with the drinks, forgot to give 3rd set of silverware, forgot the pot of tea that we ordered and never came back to ask if we need more water. We had to ask. The restaurant managements must train them better especially on how to handle / reject special request without turning customers off.

  2. CD | 3/06/09

    Great Vietnamese Style Restaurant!:-)

    Very friendly service and reasonably priced!:-)

    We go about twice a month!:-)